Friday, August 24, 2007

Introducing... Joey and Chloe!

For a start, I would like to introduce the two main characters of this Blog. They are none other than my girls, Joey and Chloe.

Joey is four this year (2007). She was born pretty small (2.4kg) reason due to a fibroid that I had while conceiving her. But Thank God she is completely healthy. She is a real chatterbox and a keen learner. She wants to learn almost anything. Till date she is taking up Ballet Class, Art & Craft, Speech & Drama and Piano. I had always think why are those parents out there making their child so busy taking up courses and restrict their playtime. Now that my child is 4, I realised it might not be the parents in every case. In my case, Joey is the one who wants it and she simply enjoys it. And as a mother, I would definitely support her as long as is within my means. :)

Okay, touching the real topic on this Blog now. Apart from being a bubbly, chatty and curious little vainpot, one thing that really gives me a headache everyday is her diet. As you can see from the title, Fussy Little Diners!

Chloe just turned two this month (Aug 2007). Terrible Two! Oh she is a complete opposite from her sister right from birth! She was born huge! 4.1kg! I still couldn't recall how I managed to squeeze her out. Haha! She is loud and active. She loves to run and climb and jump. She started her first step as early as 10month old and speak almost fluently as early as 14th month old. She is a super learner. With her older sister by her side everyday, her knowledge is almost equivalent to a four year old. Many strangers couldn't believe she is only two and some even thought both girls are twins! Haha. She is much tougher than Joey and thus bullies Joey alot but I'm sure she will be protecting her sister as they grew older. :)

And yes, she is a Fussy Diner too!!

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