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FussY, FussY, FussY

The content below is abstracted from the book BREAST BOTTLE BOWL.
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Many children prefer it flavoured. Serve it as milk shakes, custard, use in soups, make white sauces, add to vegetables. Yoghurt and cheese are excellent substitutes for milk. If your child doesn’t enjoy cow’s milk, try a soy or a toddler milk that has added vitamins and minerals. If no dairy products are taken, your child may need a calcium supplement, see your doctor or dietitian.

**My Comment: I give my kids yogurt and they love it. I make the yogurt myself using a yogurt maker and the powder which you can buy from shops that sell baking necessaties. I personally visit Phoon Huat if you have heard of. It is a healthier choice to make the yogurt yourself as there's no artificial ingredients. All children love ice cream. I use yogurt to substitute ice cream and they love it the same. Ice cream contains large amount of sugar, should be taken moderately.


This is very common but it is important to encourage water intake. Serve it cold from the fridge — it tastes better this way — or as ice blocks or try a water purifier. If your child won’t drink plain water, try flavouring it with a slice of lemon, or use part of the daily fruit juice allowance and dilute with water. Cordial can also be used diluted 1:20.

**My Comment: I disagree with serving kids water from the fridge. As children has a lower ability to digest well, cold water will cause food in the body to solidify and makes them even tougher to digest. As a Chinese I still strongly believe warm water is the best. Flavouring with a slice of lemon and diluting with fruit juice can be an alternative. I disagree with cordial too, reason is also sugar content. If your home does not have filtered water, maybe you can consider getting one as it makes a great difference in the taste of your water. And definitely a worth investment for your child's health. My kids are drinking more water now eversince we installed a filter. Feel free to email me for further details about filtered water.


Often children who will not eat cooked vegetables will enjoy them raw orb lanched as a snack. Use celery, carrot and salad vegetables. Fruits have the same nutrients as vegetables so are an excellent substitute. Small amounts of fruit and vegetable juices can also be given (restrict to 1—2 drinks per day).

**My Comment: My kids like most kids dislike vegetables. I used to make my eldest eat at least 1 stalk per meal. But that's definitely not enough. However it will be a stressful situation to force her to eat more. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended a health supplement which is equivalent to the amount of nutrients a child need from vegetables. It ends both my daughters and my ordeal! And the whole family is taking the supplement as well. Feel free to email me for details about the health supplement.


Many people feel that a meal is not a meal without meat: this is not true. The protein and iron in meat can also be found in wholegrain cereals and bread, eggs, milk products, legumes and ground nuts. Children love peanut butter and baked beans which are both good substitutes for meat. Many children don’t eat meat because they are unable to chew it properly until the second molars come through after 2 years. Serve meat soft, minced or finely chopped with gravy if your child has difficulty eating it— savoury minces and casseroles are usually well-liked.

**My Comment: I'd learnt from a nutritionist that meat is not essential. I personally have not much knowledge about intake of meat as I am not a 'meat' person. Anyone out there can give some advice on this? Please email me your post or leave a comment. Thanks.


White bread is a nutritious food containing protein, complex carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals. For extra fibre (the same as in wholemeal), use the white high fibre loaves. Encourage your child to eat a variety of breads, but remember that many children do not like the grains in mixed grain breads nor the colour or texture of wholemeal breads. White bread is better than no bread.

**My Comment: Totally agree. In fact eating bread is even better than eating rice. For many chinese we are brought up in such a way that rice is very important in our meals. Many parents will make sure their kids eat at least a substantial amount of rice before they think is enough to call it a meal. Actually, rice contains mainly carbohydrates. Getting your child to eat lots of rice is just to ease our mind that they are full. Bear in mind that they know when they are full. After so much reading, I learnt to let my kids take charge. They make their own decision whether they are full (and they know there will be no substitute food after that). My youngest daughter loves soup. Sometimes she chose to just drink soup rather than eat rice. I let her. Till date, no more war during mealtimes, both mother and child are happy!


Your child is going through a very common food fad stage. Prepare foods you know your child likes. Check that you are not over cooking vegetables and meat, that food looks attractive and serving sizes are not too big. Try wrapping sandwiches and putting them in a bag so your child thinks they are bought. Put the custard you have made in a washed yoghurt container. Try commercial children’s cuisine — excellent in nutrition, flavour and texture for children 18 months to 5 years and a great, cheap substitute when children go through this phase. Or use commercial foods as a base and add your own extras.

**My Comment: Totally agree. Serving size is very important. Do not place a BIG bowl of rice, porridge, cereal, etc,. in front of your child and expect her to finish it. To be able to finish the last bit on the plate is a great satisfaction for a child and will thus boost up his/her moral. Therefore, serving in small quantity will encourage them to finish what's in their plate everytime it's served. They can always ask for a second serving if they want. And I'm sure you'll be grinning while getting that second serving! This works perfectly for my daughters.

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