Friday, August 24, 2007

Objective of this Blog: To share our little precious' eating habits.

The objective of this Blog is to share my experience with people like myself, having a tough time getting the kids to eat. And I mean proper meals not snacks or tidbits! It is really disheartening when you had planned a meal which you think it is so nutritious, so delicious and interesting, and the moment you place the dish in front of your child, all he/she does is frown.

I'm sure many of you out there had experienced it or still experiencing it. I totally understand how it feels. The frustrations get worse if there's no one around you to share. I used get alot of consolation from the net, from people sharing the same experiences. I find it helpful cos they will also share their ways of solving the problem. Different kids behave differently. So you have to try different methods on your child before you choose the right way for him/her.

In this Blog I will share the advices I get from helpful people through the journey of bringing up my kids. I will also share recipes and ideas on how to make the kids' meal more interesting and yet maintain its nutritious value.

I also welcome your valuable feedback, advice and even recipes! Let's make this a mommies' forum and strive to bring our little ones the best!

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